Act 2 scene 2

It is night, and the storm continues. Calphurnia has a Night mare in which Caesar is murdered. She tries to tell caeser to stay by telling him all of the creepy things that had happened. But Caesar still insists he will not change his plans. He says that the disturbances pertain to the world in general, not to himself, and anyway, he does not fear death. Then a servant arrives and tells him that the priests, his spiritual advisers, are also telling him not to go out. Again, Caesar will not listen. But Calphurnia tries again, urging Caesar to send Mark Antony in his place to the Senate, with word that Caesar is sick. Caesar finally agrees to stay at home.

Decius arrives to escort caeser to the senators. But caeser will not go, not saying he his feeling ill. Decius tells caeser that if he does not have a reason then the senators will laugh and take away their decision. caeser then tells him that it is his wife that is fearing an omen. But decius replies by telling him that the dream has been misinterperted and it is rome accepting his crowning. Decius also tells him that the senators have decided to crown him on that day. Caeser decides to go.