The song "Kissing Families" by Silversun Pickups can be a good modern adaptation of the story of Julius Caesar from Brutus' perspective if you look at it properly.

The song's lyrics are as follows (with my analysis along side it, after the slashes, "/"):

If it doesn't have a slash after it, it's not apart of the lyrics (came out incorrectly after it saved)

Kissing Families

stop the season stop the sting/ Brutus would want to stop all this fighting and pain he has caused over Caesar's death
a plastic mic a broken string/
infected wound from a rusty ring/ The wound is Brutus' heart due to his sadness over Caesar's death (the ring)

soon you'll be there too/ Brutus knows all the conspirators will soon feel this pain also, once they realize what they've done

kissing families can't recall/ These following two lines show that Brutus believes forgiveness ("kissing families") can't even help
a program to derail us all/ Them forget about what an awful thing they did, killing Caesar ("a program to derail us all")
forgotten prison it's been safe 'til now/

(Not a lyric) The conspirators didn't think of the town finding out ("it's been safe"), and
punishment seemed like it wouldn't be an issue ("forgotten prison")

it's no wonder that we did it this way/ The conspirators knew they had to try to cover up what they did (know it would be for the best)
keep looking forward on paths sideways/ Brutus tried to look positively ("looking forward") at Caesar's death ("path sideways")
it's everything that is connected and beautiful/ Brutus knew all would eventually work out in the end, Rome would prosper
and now i know just where i stand/ Brutus knows he is doing a dark deed but believes he is doing it for the right reasons, and that's
(Not a lyric) fine for him

move on/ Brutus knows he can't feel guilty about this, he did what was best for Rome
roll along/ But he knows he can only "move on" slowly ("roll")
not today/ But he can't quite move on yet
it's everything that is connected and beautiful/ (Refer to previous analysis of this line)
and now i know just where i stand/ (Refer to previous analysis of this line)

thank god you're heart is too close/ This would be a narrator's point of view- Brutus truly loved the city of Rome, and Rome is grateful

this can be the bitter end/ Brutus doesn't want Caesar to die this way
i know it wont/ But he realizes that it's not bitter, Caesar would want to please Rome and its people

well someone said i made a mistake/ Brutus, of course, is second-guessing himself
kept looking forward on paths sideways/ He knows optimism ("kept looking forward") is the only way to handle Caesar's death
it's everything that is connected and beautiful/ (Refer to previous analysis of this line)
and now i know just where i stand/ (Refer to previous analysis of this line)

seasons always shift too late/ Brutus couldn't see that Caesar's death was good until it was too late...
spent too much time now on paths sideways/ He was focusing too much on Caesar's death and not the upside to it
everything that is connected and beautiful/ Knowing that, he must complete what must be done ("connected") to make it "beautiful"
and now i know just where i stand/ He knows that suicide is the only choice left for him...
thank god it's over..../ He is happy that he can stop worrying about it all and finally look upon a successful Rome

I have included the music video for three reasons:

1) The singer uses very strong emotion on the last verse of the song, which is where I believe most of the relation to Julius Caesar is
2) The video's ending shows the bassist pulling the whole band along with her, which I believe could be a metaphor for how Brutus made all
the people remaining at the end of the play realize that he was the only one doing what he did for the right reasons and he changed
everyone's point of view to believe that it was right was he did.
3) It helps clarify what the actual lyrics are and what my analysis is.

Warning! There is a song (all the way at the bottom of the page) that uses a curse word. Do not scroll down that far. Use discretion. (I
figured the band's website would be better to use than a website open to the public. Plus the lyrics are accurate.)
Warning! YouTube is a website open to the public and anyone can comment on the video about ANYTHING. Use discretion.